How To Increase Retail Sales With Point of Purchase Display?


One of the most effective ways to boosts sales of products in retail stores is to invest in Point of Purchase (POP) displays. This promotional tactic can help you to not only introduce your products to your customers in an engaging & interactive way, but can also encourage them to try a particular product, which can help increase the sales of that particular product category.

As an in-store marketing technique, the primary aim of a POP display is to capture the attention of potential buyers through well-designed and well-executed promotional stands and displays, and sometimes involves impulsive, last-minute buying e.g. gourmet chocolates, mints, while standing in the queue at the cash register.

Thus, mentioned below are a few actionable tips that can help you to increase retail sales through Point of Purchase (POP) display.

Actionable Tips to Increase Retail Sales with Point of Purchase Display

Research your target audience: Know what your customer’s needs are. This will help you to set achievable goals and deliver them.

Competitor analysis: The best way to find out what works and what doesn’t is to check out the competition in your niche market. This will help you to strategize and come up with effective ideas.

Think out-of-the-box: From stand design [oval, square], creative and striking graphics, bright and bold fonts & colours, and other visual elements, you need to make your brand stand out from other brands in a retail store. So plan accordingly.

Highlight the benefits: When promoting your product, ensure that you highlight the benefits of it to get greater traction.

Choose a prominent place to display your product: Ideally, the retail store displays its best products front and in the centre to boosts sales.

Plan in advance for holidays/events: The holiday season is the best time to increase your retail sales. So, be creative with your POP displays and make sure that it is festive as well as informative.

Make it interactive: Show your product in use, add a touchscreen. Make use of QR codes, wherein the customer can scan the code and get more information. Give out free samples for product testing if feasible.

To sum up,

As a marketing tool, the POP display can drive conversion if used wisely. Hiring an experienced professional company who specialises in creating a custom point of purchase display can greatly benefit your marketing campaigns. Thus, incorporate the above actionable tips when strategizing about POP displays. This will surely help increase your retail sales.