How Companies Can Use Events To Drive Employee Engagement?


Companies today need to look beyond the usual rewards and health & wellness programs to create a happy workforce. Employees today are looking for an engaging work environment, wherein they can prosper, grow and have fun. Thus, companies should aim at creating an inspiring and motivational work culture that helps drive employee engagement.

The benefits of these are many; increased productivity, better team performance, decrease in absenteeism, increased sense of purpose, among others. Also, studies suggest that companies that invest in employee engagement are more successful than others, as highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. This, in turn, can help companies to increase their ROI as well as help them to improve their brand’s credibility.

How Events Can Drive Employee Engagement?

When it comes to working for a company or an organization, there is a lot more flexibility for employees than ever before. From an increase in remote employment to work from home to virtual offices, there has been a dynamic shift in the daily in-office routines or the 9 to 5 routine. This has made all the more important to create a cohesive work culture that brings people together from time-to-time so that they can have a sense of belonging to a particular organization and feel valued. Thus, here, one of the best ways to achieve this and drive employee engagement is company events.

    • Events help foster interpersonal relationships, wherein employees can meet colleagues and other professionals and get to know them better outside the daily work routine and not just as workmates.


    • Events can be a great platform to reward and appreciate the contribution of an employee or a team. This helps boost motivation and team morale.


    • They can also help improve employee retention, which ensures that they stay longer with your company.


    • Events are a great way to cultivate a robust company culture, which can help improve engagement, team cohesion and promote pro-activeness and participation from all.


  • Events can also be planned around training and educating your staff. This can help enhance their skills, which can benefit the company in the long run.

More importantly, by organizing events for your employees, you can show some gratitude to your employees who have been a part of your company’s achievement and success.

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