Frequently Asked Questions About Point of Purchase Answered


Point of Purchase has always been a popular in-store marketing/advertising technique. It helps capture the attention of the target audience and drives conversion. POP displays can be either digital or printed material, depending on the product or merchandise being promoted. They are a highly flexible marketing/advertising tool that can be added/placed in any area of the store.

Below are a few frequently asked questions about Point of Purchase (POP) that we have answered to help you understand it better.

1. What are the different types of point of purchase (POP)?

There are primarily three types of POP; temporary displays, semi-permanent displays and permanent displays. These are designed and customized according to business/brand requirements and most includes counter displays, free-standing displays, strut cards, display packs with holder or dispenser etc.

2. What’s the difference between point of purchase (POP) and point of sale (POS)?

POP includes a large area in a store such as different aisles, checkout counter, etc where customers are making buying decisions. POS, on the other hand, include a fixed area, particularly the checkout counter, wherein the products are scanned and paid for. POP displays can be used for a variety of purposes and are stocked with expensive as well as inexpensive products. POS displays, meanwhile, stocks low-cost items which elicit impulsive buying.

3. Why use POP displays?

There are many reasons to use POP displays. However, it is primarily used to create awareness of a newly launched product/merchandise and to increase sales. Apart from that, POP displays can help you to attract more prospective buyers, and it can help you to provide information about a product to prospective buyers in an engaging way.

4. POP displays are best suited for which businesses?

Mostly, it is the retail business that uses POP displays. The brick-and-mortar business has large areas where POP displays can be prominently displayed to improve brand awareness, to showcase discount coupons, to promote new products or to advertise seasonal sales. POP displays are, in most cases, given by the manufacturer (of that product) to the retail business.

5. How to use POP effectively?

There is a lot of research, ideation and strategizing that goes in for creating effective POP displays, which is the reason why you should hire a professional agency for your campaign. However, a few common tips on how to use POP effectively includes using big and attractive fonts and bright colours, making use of catchy captions and creating visually pleasing designs. Apart from these, the area where it is displayed also plays a major part. Here, placing it in the front and centre of the store can help you to attract customer attention easily.

6. Can Signage be used as a POP?

Yes, it can! Signage includes posters or hanging displays that announces a new product or seasonal sales, etc. They can be mounted on the wall or placed on the shelf. They are a great way to capture customers attention and can trigger a buying response, which can boosts conversion.

7. What are the benefits of POP?

From building brand awareness to upselling items and increasing conversion, depending on the purpose of the POP displays, businesses can garner a lot of benefits from it. It also helps businesses save money, as you wouldn’t require a salesperson to sell your products. POP displays are also a great way to utilize the usually wasted space in a retail store.