Point of Purchase

Brand Displays


Making your brand an extraordinary among the pool of competitors is what we do the best.

At Brandstation, we help businesses create the niche Floor Display elements that resonates with each segment of their target audience, capturing an instant recall. Our custom designs ensure that your brand stays at the fore of every customer’s mind long after their initial purchase.



The difference between good and the best is just a little more effort.

To operate a successful retail business that attracts customers and drives sales, it’s important to get noticed, and that usually starts with a signage.

Specializing in creating bespoke Signages that are aligned with business objectives is something we have been doing for years now across India. Our Range would include,

– Office signs
– Retail signs
– Lightboxes
– Shop-front fascia
– Entrance plaques
– Information signs and plenty more.
– Illuminated & Non – Illuminated Signage
– In Motion and without motion Display elements

In Shop Visuals


Influential visuals, influences consumer.

We provide high-end retail space design solutions that gives shoppers a distinctive in-store experience, leading to increased revenue.

Based on the needs, we conduct a preliminary research and accordingly craft visually-appealing designs that are consistent across the shop floors.

What matters is the look, feel and culture of a brand that grabs the customers attention and we play a critical role in creating one.

Counter Tops /Parasites/ Bay Breakers


Swiftly connect with your customers by creating pathbreaking display at the retail space.

We create customised displays without utilizing large spaces, yet showcasing its benefits to help you drive increased sales by engaging the shopper’s attention right-of-the-bat.

It is a touch point consumer have with the brand & we craft diverse designs taking the utmost advantage to relay your message to your customers in a creative way.

Product Stacks


Make your product stand out in the aisle with our inspiring design!

Creating eye level – buy level product stack enhances your retail visibility. Where and how your products are situated in the store plays a crucial role in how they sell.

Be it creating a product stack for an in-store promotion or special offers or product launch or to boost the visibility of existing products, we create a one-of-a-kind display that will help convert shoppers into buying customers.